Servicing Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC Systems in the Midwest.

PCS partners with businesses across the Midwest to build, upgrade, and maintain commercial refrigeration & HVAC systems.

Family owned and operated with 25+ years experience, our quality workmanship is found among a variety of industries including grocery and convenient stores, cold storage, food distribution centers, restaurants, and office buildings.

The seasoned team at PCS is dedicated to keeping commercial refrigeration & HVAC systems optimized and running safely 24/7 — efficiently utilizing energy consumption through our impactful services and industry leading brands.


Refrigeration & HVAC

Optimize and control temperature.

Efficiently utilize energy throughout your building with a new or improved commercial refrigeration & HVAC system. Year-round, impact power consumption rates and reduce operating costs with climate control systems to confidently keep food inventories frigid and people comfortable.


Unit Build & Install

Construct or retrofit a system.

From start to finish, a strategic and collaborative process works to surface and solve your unique challenges. Our refrigeration and HVAC systems are designed to exact building specs with trusted industry brands, safely installed by an experienced team of PCS technicians — on time and on budget.

Have An Emergency?
We are available 24/7/365.

PCS always has your back.

It’s hard to predict when commercial refrigeration & HVAC problems may arise but easy to promptly get a hold of our seasoned technicians. We are problem solvers at heart and quickly diagnose issues to prevent further damage and get you back running with limited downtime.


Sheet Metal Ductwork

Improve air quality and comfort.

An integral part of any commercial HVAC system, sheet metal ductwork transports air throughout a structure. By assessing airflow and efficiency problems, we design and install ductwork to rigorous requirements — cutting back on energy costs while creating a pleasant and safe indoor environment.


Maintenance & Repair

Keep equipment running like new.

Refrigeration & HVAC systems need regular exams and calibration for efficient use of energy. Protect your employees and equipment with a proactive maintenance schedule to minimize downtime by preventing and repairing issues before they become problematic.

Servicing the
Midwest Since 1995

Discover if our technicians serve your area.

We have partnered with businesses across Indiana, Michigan and Illinois for more than 40 years — assisting their operations with our comprehensive commercial refrigeration & HVAC services.




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